About EPTA

EPTA (seven in Greek), is a young brand characterized by collections made in 7 different colors. The clothes are designed for sparkling, dynamic and never trivial people.

Our History


7 colors a week. One a day collection.


The EPTA collection stems from the need to connect practicality with the uniqueness of a type of classic clothing, never boring and always strictly handmade.
3 models of style, 7 colors, combined with Rdress made customizations, which combine precious silk fabrics with exclusive works of art, to Swarovski applications on request. The jackets of the tailleur models, can be lined with the printed silk Rdress, increasing the uniqueness and the value of the EPTA dress.

7 colors for 7 days. Basically a "one a day" collection with 21 variations between models and colors, in addition to the numerous customizations offered by the brand.
All EPTA dresses are made entirely in Italy by a tailor with over 40 years of experience. Each product is accompanied by the certification that directly tracks the production chain, making the customer protagonist, who can eventually contact the tailor in case of need. LucaMartini fashion house offers a guarantee on all products in case of defects or problems of adaptability of the suit.




Our Expertise


Your next EPTA experience.

It is possible to request a customization using the Customize form, which allows you to contact us directly, for your requests and for the realization on measurements of your next EPTA.
Our sartorial staff will be happy to answer you in a short time to facilitate all your requests.




Our Commitment


Tailored and more.

LucaMartini fashion house since 2013, first with the exclusive Rdress collection, is committed to create unique clothing and accessories, totally artisanal, traceable, and with a professional ethical supply chain, in compliance with environmental and human policies. Our clothes are entirely handcrafted designed in our Swiss style office and made entirely by hand one by one by Italian dressmakers. Each dress has its own serial number and certificates of authenticity of the works of art used.